Sri Adichunchanagiri College Of Education, Channarayapatna

Vision and Mission


(Excellence through empowerment of teaching potentialities)

The college stands for recognition, nourishment and empowerment of teaching

Potentialities among the students-teacher through cognitive enrichment processing of effective aspect of their and development of psycho motor skills essential for becoming better teachers as well as morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired teachers for 21st century democratic India.


1. Catering to the vocational needs of the graduates of Hassan district and neighboring districts.

2. equipping the twenty-first century teachers with updated tools and techniques of the educational area.

3. Training the teachers of new generation to preserve and promote the social and cultural values of Indian society.

4. Stimulation and circulation of scientific temper.

5. Making the new generation teachers develop awareness about preservation and conservation of environment.

6. Assist to have all the good qualities of a teacher.

7. To support all round development of the personality among the student-teachers.

8. To pursue the spirit of learning and creativity challenge.

9. Acquire Disciplinary, Simplicity , high thinking and respectable Knowledge.